Tri Fit Racing
Your Swim, Bike, Run to Weight Loss

    July 2002 - 31yrs  355 Lbs                   Nov 2011 - 40yrs  185lbs 

             20"                                   Neck                      15 1/2" 
             56"                                   Chest                     42" 
             50"                                   Belly                       32" 
             44"                                   Waist                      31"  

Then and Now...  Welcome, my journey is not unlike many others you come across. I have lost over 160 Lbs. in 4 a year period and kept it off. I was 355 pounds and now weigh in at 190. People who knew me at my largest say I am literally "half the man I use to be." Losing the weight, keeping it off ,and enjoying the journey is what it's all about. Most of us want to look different, maybe leaner or more muscular, and start enjoying the healthy person we all have inside. Thin is not the thing, being fit is! I will be the first to say all the diets and workout routines in the world don't mean squat until you find what works for you. My journey towards health was easier for me than folks think. I love sharing this personal quest with anyone who wants to be a healthier person!

Update: 2014 I started the year at 198lbs, 42yrs old. I can still squeeze into the 32" jeans but its not comfortable. This years plan is to trim a few pounds and race hard. I still enjoy a cigar.  

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 JH Random Rambling Thoughts:
-Everyday I wake scared I wont be successful.
-Getting to the goal is over coming the excuses after starting.
-Tomorrow will not get here if you dont start today.
-Stop dreaming, get off the sofa and get started.

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